The NEW way of Journaling that focuses on WINS

Ideal for ADHD brains

Experience the joy of journaling wins. After all, its what got done that matters most.

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Hi! I’m Mayur!

I discovered an elegantly simple way to overcome my ADHD and “crazy maker” brain with literally one hack: win journaling


The Secret Hack I discovered: Win Journaling! 😮

What is it? Simple: Keep track of everything you do throughout the day. 

Here’s why it works for people who struggle with focus and attention:


Fills in the the “Time blindness” blank spaces with insight about your day


Gives you micro dopamine hits since you can now see your wins visually


Internalizes your success vs  what you normally do: get external validation

Everyone is talking about the power of #smallwins 💬

Never Win Journaled before?

Try it in 30 seconds


Take out a clean sheet of paper and write today’s date at the top


Every time you complete a task or get that feeling of a win, write it down


Aim to write down at least 10 wins throughout the day and journal them

Bonus Round: Repeat this practice for 7 days and then review your wins at the end of the week

Win Journaling is great for Entrepreneurs & Remote Workers 👨‍💻

For entrepreneurs, especially those with ADHD, the lack of immediate feedback and rewards is missing from your work. Win journaling is a powerful tool to bridge this gap. 

It allows you to celebrate every small victory on your journey, whether it’s completing a task or making a new connection. 

Win journaling is more than just tracking progress; it’s about recognizing your daily efforts and achievements, keeping you motivated and focused in a work environment that’s constantly changing. 

Embrace win journaling and see how it transforms your entrepreneurial experience.

Think you might have ADHD?

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What the Experts are saying about ADHD and small wins👨🏻‍⚕️

Want to see more experts talking about Small Wins? 

Check out the Small Wins Youtube page here.

Whats a win?

In simple terms, a ‘win’ is any little thing you do that feels like a success. It doesn’t have to be big. 

A win can be something as small as getting out of bed on time, remembering to send an important email, or even choosing a healthy snack. 

It’s about celebrating those small steps you take every day, the ones that often go unnoticed. 

Recognizing these wins helps you stay positive and motivated, especially on tougher days. It’s all about seeing the value in the little things you do, not just the big accomplishments.

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